Truth and Reconciliation

Two very controversial and emotional words in Canada today: Truth and Reconciliation.   Canadians have not suffered the same trauma over the word ‘racist’ as our southern friends, possibly because systemic racism never took hold as deeply in our past. However, reconciliation with Native Canadians has endured with the same emotional charge and unresolved issues […]

Ownership and Inheritance

Photo by Maxime Dore   unsplash Ownership is one of the basic concepts that societies are built on. It’s hard to imagine anything more than a small, isolated, communal tribe without some rules and customs for ownership rights. The native people of Canada shared most of the items in their tribe but still exercised ownership over […]

I can’t believe my luck!

It was a normal day, like many others. I was stumbling home after having a few with the guys and what do I see? A big, steaming pile; I can’t believe my luck! People are walking around it, cursing its position on their path. Turning their nose up at some perceived slight. Ranting on about […]

George Washington’s outhouse with three seats: A sign of things to come?

Photo by Jennifer Lim-Tamkican   Unsplash During my research for the historical fantasy book XNOR, I came across several colourful eighteen-century characters and unusual events. One item that certainly made me go hmmm, was George Washington’s three-seated outhouse. Today’s trend is to vilify leaders from the past for actions or words they made in a setting […]


1759 was a defining year for the colonies that became Canada. It was also the year the British Empire rose to preeminence over other European nations and empires. All that changes when technology deployed in 2047 to shield Canadians from an escalating world conflict inadvertently teleports a group of scientists, engineers, teachers and medical people […]