Oh no! I’m happy and it won’t stop

Photo by David Code   unsplash

I woke up early before the first light. The worms and other night critters were still out. Delicious. Now I’m sitting on this branch chirp, chirp, chirping away!

I chirp a happy tune.

Poop will be here soon.

Poop, poop, poop away!

It happens every day.

No need to sweat and fret.

Not me, I’ll not regret.

I go when I go.

A car you say, below?

Don’t blame me,

It’s gravity.

Mass warping space,

In every local place.

Or so Einstein said.

Ideas from his head.

Others did reply,

I think it’s all a lie!

Spacetime warp indeed.

Limits to light speed?

The truth is clear to me.

We’ll never all agree.

No one has the scoop.

I’ll just eat, chirp and poop.

Anand Purohit — Author (xnorbooks.com)

XNOR — a logical function used to express equivalence. Also an entertaining romp through spacetime and eighteen-century colonial history.


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