I can’t believe my luck!

Green-grooved Dung Beetle at Cape Point, South Africa

It was a normal day, like many others.

I was stumbling home after having a few with the guys and what do I see? A big, steaming pile; I can’t believe my luck!

People are walking around it, cursing its position on their path. Turning their nose up at some perceived slight. Ranting on about this and that. Their life is never what it should be. Someone is at fault. Someone should do something!

I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to roll me up a fat one and take it home to my wife. She never believed me when I said “someday my shit would come in”. Wait till she sees me roll this baby through the front door. Who’s the good for nothing layabout now?


Anand Purohit — Author (xnorbooks.com)

XNOR — a logical function used to express equivalence. Also an entertaining romp through spacetime and eighteen-century colonial history.

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