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It contains information and news about my books from the XNOR series. The intriguing storyline within XNOR is altered by feedback from readers. Our discussion of eighteen-century history, land ownership, Native rights, human nature and technology will be reflected as the story unfolds. Thanks for visiting.
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Anand Purohit
Xnor by Anand Purohit
Xnor by Anand Purohit


1759 was a defining year for the colonies that became Canada. It was also the year the British Empire rose to preeminence over other European nations and empires.

All that changes when technology deployed in 2047 to shield Canadians from an escalating world conflict inadvertently teleports a group of scientists, engineers, teachers and medical people back to Nova Scotia, 1759.

Despite their technological superiority, they, like many new settlers, struggle to establish a homestead, feed their community and deal with the constant threat from a violent world. 

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Xnor by Anand Purohit